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APES-Mario Hernandez Implementation

APES-Mario Hernandez Implementation, contesting in the Best Global RFID Supply Chain & Logisitcs Implementation in #RFIDJournalAwards. Check here our implementation details.


Alien’s technical area, talk about Apes

Olivia Betancourt Head of the technical area of Alien also think about the exposure of our company in the global conference in 2015.


Alien Opinion about Apes

Andres Botero Technoape’s CSO, interview Jose Carlos Oliveira, Alien’s Director. The head of the host company’s global event in 2015, also commented on the magnificent exhibition of our business model.


Jamison´s President

This time our CCO talks to Mount Lucas, President of Jamison, who also commented on the presentation of our company in the global Alien’s conference.


Anthony Dublino opinion

In last October in the Global 2015 conference convened by Alien Technologies this was one of the many good reviews it received our company after its presentation at the convention in Las Vegas.

Anthony Dublino, Vice President of Jamison RFID, a leading manufacturer of RFID portals in the world, opining about the alliance was closed with APES from Latin America.


La parte tecnica de Alien Habla sobre Apes

Olivia Betancur Encargada de la parte tecnica de Alien opina también sobre la exposición de nuestra empresa en la conferencia global el 2015.


Shark Tank G.M

At the end of April , in the cultural center of Gimnasio Moderno , competition from entrepreneurs was held Shark- Tank 7 were selected from 140 participating companies, to expose the face of potential investors, who in turn were sworn event . Our company THE APES quedo nominated between 7 and here we have great presentation by our colleague Nicolas Botero, leaving the name of our company very high against all attendees.